Holmes Group, Inc. is based in Smithville, TN, and serves as the parent company for 4 of Smithville’s finest service companies:

  • Holmes Services
  • Holmes Surveillance
  • Ignite Heating & Air
  • Tennessee Fleet

All companies are located at 2500 Nashville Hwy in Smithville, Tennessee. Each company is comprised of professional, experienced team members who strive for nothing but excellence, as is the “Holmes” way.

We invite you to explore each company’s website below for their specific services or call (615) 597-6287 and you will be directed to the correct representative.  Thank you for choosing Holmes Group, Inc. & its affiliates.

Holmes Services provides gravel and dirt delivery, excavation, erosion control, yard stripping, water diversion, driveway, and land leveling.

2500 Nashville Hwy, Suite A, Smithville, TN


Holmes Surveillance provides sales and installation of security cameras, home theater and surround sound, church and business live streaming, networking solutions, and new construction prewiring.

2500 Nashville Hwy, Suite B, Smithville, TN

Ignite Heating & Air offers A/C Installation, HVAC maintenance and repair, pre-season preparation for air-conditioning systems, annual inspections, and heating systems services.

2500 Nashville Hwy, Suite C, Smithville, TN

Tennessee Fleet is an automotive equipment supplier and installer specializing in emergency service vehicles, corporate fleet vehicles, boats, ATVs, semi-trucks, campers, RVs (camera systems) and other maintained vehicles.

2500 Nashville Hwy, Suite D, Smithville, TN

For all inquiries, call (615) 597-6287

Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm & Saturdays by Appointment Only

or visit each company’s website above.

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